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Berlin Stoics

An eclectic community with a shared purpose: to apply Stoic philosophy for self-improvement, resilience, tranquility, perspective, and reflection, through practice, theory, and discussion.

We are based out of Berlin, Germany. Over the course of the pandemic, we have opened our events beyond borders as we shift part of our community operations online. Weekly we gather together to probe Stoic ethics, logic, and metaphysics in order to implement in our lives the principles and strategies of living a self-sufficient, virtuous, and eudaimonic life via Stoicism.

In the Spotlight

Book of the Month Series

Our current book of the month is If A then B by Michael Shenefelt and Heidi White. We meet to discuss it on Wednesday, 23. March at 18:30, for which you can RSVP here.

You can also check out our webpages on our Book Series, Resources, and Curriculum which will give you a better overview of how we're involving more dynamic (non-event-situated) way we can both communally and individually study and more importantly practice Stoicism. Enjoy!

Stoic Care

On Wednesdays 16. February and 23. February, each at 18:30 we discuss how Stoicism is intimately related to self-care, mental health, emotional resilience, and cosmopolitanism.

No prior reading is required. This is a level 1 event and will take place online. Please follow the below link on the event description to RSVP.


Quick Updates

Holiday Hiatus and a Group Re-Branding

November 28, 2021

Greetings everyone!

  1. As usual, we are taking a hiatus during the holiday break. After the Introductory Presentation on Stoicism held on Monday 13. December, we will likely not return at the earliest until Sunday 09. January, 2022. Best wishes, safe travels, best of health, and jolly tidings this holiday season!

  2. Our group has undergone a couple significant transformations, with tiny ones in between, since we were founded last August 2020. However, none bigger than this one we're currently undergoing. For starters, most of our regular participants have come and gone. Like all things, our ties and bonds with Berlin Stoics for each of us will ultimately come to an end. And so has this last 1+ year, the first Stoa of Berlin Stoics, one which has been defined solely, but not regrettably by the Stoic philosophy, and fruitful organic discussions. We'll keep both, thank you, but not only has the make-up of our group changed but as well our interests have too. For those new, Stoicism might be intriguing to study and practice, but no more than that, "intriguing". For those of us with the group almost since its founding we've become anzy limiting our philosophical inquiry to only the Stoic domain. You may have already noticed discussion topics departing from it including one on John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism, Buddhism, and more, and in February our Book of the Month is focused around several of Montaigne's Essays. We'll continue taking input from the group's participants every week as we've always done, but a more planned sequence over the course of the next several months expanding beyond Stoicism, but no less connecting back to it, as well as a new Stoic Curriculum (see the update below) are all in the making and the hiatus will not only give us the organizers much needed rest but as well time to scope this all out. We look forward to what this new vision and mission of Berlin Stoics will look like. Stay tuned with our website and as we look forward to many more great memories with each other towards this end!

Curriculum in the Making

November 28, 2021 (edited)

Some months ago we added a new "Curriculum page". You'll find initial thoughts on our curriculum we're constructing to study and practice Stoicism both individually and collaboratively. If you're interested in participating in our curriculum, stay tuned, but we do have an update. Over the Holiday Hiatus (check the above update) our principal organizer will be utilizing the input from our members and the past 1.5 years of experience with Berlin Stoics to finalize and set into more systematic motion a true Stoic Curriculum...or at least a modern one. One which binds us according to shared values and goals, and one which adeptly permits every participant to adjust their committment in such a way to correspond with their way of life and personal values, committments, and goals, whilst retaining Stoic virtues and practical ambitions. This includes elements such as standard philosophical study, self-reflection and meditation, hiking and bearing the wilderness for long periods, moderating one's utilities and comforts while practicing little discomforts, journaling, buddy-system accountability, emotional and intellectual cafés or discussions, and more. This curriculum won't be temporally locked, but would be spread and developmental over time for the group and for each individual, allowing anyone to get started at any point in time. More details to come . stay tuned and we look forward to working together, democratically, to make this curriculum what it should be! Lastly, a big shout-out to Tony and Yannis for having attended our meeting in the summer regarding a curriculum and giving valuable support in our discussion!

Resources & Donations

June 12, 2021

Greetings everyone! We've added some items to our "Resources" and "Donations" pages.

  1. On the "Resources" page, you'll find a couple new resources: (1) a link to our youtube channel where we post recorded virtual events (and in the future, recorded audio of our in-person events) and (2) a comprehensive spreadsheet of Stoic resources you can use to learn more.

  2. On the "Donate" page you now have an opportunity to become a patron to our group and help us finance our websites.And we're always happy to hear feedback. Check them out and enjoy!

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