College of Stoic Philosophers


The College of Stoic Philosophers is a not-for-profit higher education institution whose mission is to educate all who would be Stoics and Stoic philosophers, who aspire to the Good Life, and who wish to excel in their roles as family member, worker, creator, mentor, teacher, advisor, and leader, within the world community.

Berlin Stoics is not a member of the college and no Stoic chapter or Stoa can become a member. Instead, the College of Stoic Philosophers is an independent higher education institution which offers programs to those seeking a deeper and richer study of Stoicism, engagement with other Stoics, and a chance to apply Stoic principles in their everday lives.

The college currently offers two programs for adults: the Stoic Essential Studies (SES) and the Marcus Aurelius Program (MAP). The SES is open to anyone at least 18 years of age. You can apply to it here. The MAP is open to all those who have passed the SES. The big difference is the level of experience and knowledge that one develops through each program and in each students are each assigned a mentor. You can find more details about the College of Stoic Philosophers and the programs they offer either by clicking on the above logo or on the button below.

A final disclaimer that the college is not a substitute for secondary or post-secondary education. It is meant to be supplementary for those wishing to become a studying and practicing Stoic, but at no cost to the time they allocate to their job, their formal education, and other parts of their personal lives.