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Book of the Month: A New Stoicism

An open discussion on the acclaimed book by, now deceased, academic and Stoic scholar and practitioner Lawrence Becker, "A New Stoicism". This quite in-depth yet acutely discerning analysis of Stoic philosophy sets the framework for how Stoics can understand Stoicism in the 21st century.

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Book of the Month: A New Stoicism

Time & Location

Dec 09, 2021, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM GMT+1

About the Event

Greetings fellow Stoics!

Today we're hosting our fourth open discussion in our Book of the Month series. You can check out the page for our Book Series at but essentially, each month we recommend one book or a selection of books or other works to read and at the culmination of that month we come together and discuss what we read. The books or texts (sometimes they may be journal articles or others) are focused on Stoicism and related topics.

For this month, we'll be reading the acclaimed A New Stoicism by Lawrence Becker. Lawrence Becker was an American philosopher working in ethics and after he had been diagnosed with polio adopted Stoicism. He published A New Stoicism in 1998 and a revised and updated version in 2017. We'll be reading the revised and updated edition from 2017. However, if you cannot acquire the 2017 edition, then reading the original 1998 edition is quite alright. Please join us whichever edition you end up reading.

This is different from past books we have read. The introductory books on Stoicism and Stockdale's essays were written 

with a popular audience in mind, regardless of their philosophical or Stoic background. Farnsworth's book was found to be more in-depth, but it didn't pass over the head of those without a Stoic or philosophical background, although it read more like a reference guide to Stoic tools and training then a continuous read. However, Becker's book is a more challenging read, which is precisely why we encourage everyone to try it! This is for those who either have some Stoic background or some philosophical background - both is not necessary. He doesn't just summarize the philosophy, he deconstructs it and analyzes it critically. But there isn't so much jargon which passes over the head of non-academics. Regardless is you read only through the first chapter or have read the book in its entirety, please come by the event and hear others' thoughts and share your own.

You will notice that this Book of the Month is scheduled eight weeks since our Book of the Month session on Stockdale. This is because of the book's level of depth and length. In addition, I usually post books of the month two months in advance, so hopefully this makes up for that difference, allowing those interested in reading to order and receive the book or find it online.

A couple of words: (1) If you haven't already, you can join our Telegram discussion group and our announcements channel by messaging the host that you'd like to receive an invitation link. (2) The link to this event will be active between around 10 minutes ahead of the start time, and we use for our video conferencing. (3) Lastly, we have recently been streaming our events live on youtube and saving them on file, especially for those who cannot make particular events; at the start of each event, Steve will of course ask if everyone is okay or anyone has a problem with this. Furthermore, we only share recordings afterwards if we reach the threshold of 4 participants (other than the facilitator).

We look forward to seeing you there!

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