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Forum: Stoic Philosophy of Mind

No reading/preparation required. We review the early Stoics, including Zeno, Chrysippus, and Cleanthes.

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Forum: Stoic Philosophy of Mind

Time & Location

Feb 27, 2021, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM GMT+1

About the Event

Greetings fellow Stoics!

Today we will not be splitting up this event into two parts as usual. Today, we will discuss the early Stoics, including Zeno, Cleanthes, and Chrysippus. It is these three Stoic philosophers who built the foundations of Stoicism, predominantly its metaphysics and logic, whereupon the middle and late Stoics, including Epictetus, expanded the philosophy. The dictum to "live according to [one's own] nature" derives from these early Stoics. Specifically we can focus on the early Stoics' philosophy of mind, because in the following meetup we will discuss the passions (what we would call our emotions) and how to deal with them practically. Thus, here is the lineup for the next three events:

  1. Forum: Stoic Philosophy of Mind 27.02.2021
  2. Forum: On the Passions 06.03.2021; one-part discussion, one-part practice
  3. Forum: On Anger 13.03.2021; one-part discussion, one-part practice

For today's forum we will run only 1.5 hours and while we require no reading or preparation ahead of time, we do recommend the following source material in case you're interested:


Although, finding a wide variety of references on these early Stoics is difficult because of the few texts survived from their publications. Most of the texts we have concerning them are either secondary or tertiary+ sources. Steve will prepare the Leitfragen/prompts to help guides us through the forum, but as usual an open discussion is encouraged.

A couple of words: (1) If you haven't already, you can join our Telegram channel by contacting us with your cell number and we'll add you. (2) The link to this event will be posted between 20 and 10 minutes ahead of the start time, and we use for our video conferencing. (3) Lastly, we have recently been streaming our events live on youtube and saving them on file, especially for those who cannot make particular events; at the start of each event, Steve will of course ask if everyone is okay or anyone has a problem with this.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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