Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved?

Check out our events and updates pages for more information about upcoming events or news regarding the Berlin Stoics. You can also begin participating in our discussion forum on the forum page here on the website. However, we recommend you visit our next event first in order to get a feel for the group.

Is there a minimum level of participation?

Although you can create an account on our website and attend our events, we have no requirement that members remain as members or maintain a minimum level of participation. We use the term "member" quite loosely and you can come and go as you please.

How can I contribute to the group?

We don't like for our group to operate top-down. We have several recurring members, and that number is growing. Some may be considered principal organizers, some maintain particular roles to help administrate different functions of the group. However, if you would like to, for example, set up a Stoic event yourself, you can by all means bring it up in the forum and/or contact the organizers using the contact form to ask about adding your event to the events page. Or if you would like to recommend resources other members could use to learn more about Stoicism or in other ways better themselves, just by mentioning it in the forum the organizers will see it and add it to our resources page. This organization is best democratically run.

I don't consider myelf stoic. Can I still join?

Of course! There's no requirement that you subscribe to every Stoic principle from antiquity or label yourself a Stoic.

I can't attend your usual Saturday or weekend discussions. Do you also organize events on the weekdays?

We're working on this. Unfortunately not at the moment. Our principal organizer who had founded the group is usually unavailable during the weekdays. If you would like to join the Berlin Stoics and help organize weekday events, please contact us using the contact form! (Please also read the answer to "How can I contribute to the group" above.)

Are all your events in English?

We're working on this one too. Unfortunately all of our events are in English at the moment. If you would like to join the Berlin Stoics and organize parallel German-speaking events for our group, please contact us using the contact form! (Please also read the answer to "How can I contribute to the group" above.)

Do I have to be in Berlin to join?

Yes and no. It depends on the events. We have historically traditionally met in-person, which means you would have to be in Berlin at the event itself. However, keep watch of our online discussion forums we host. (In a pandemic winter this has become our norm.) Just remember that all events are scheduled according to German time. Also keep in mind that there is a discussion forum here on our website where you can participate freely.

Is there a German version of your website?

This is a future plan. First we would like to organize consistent events which are German-speaking, and thereafter we can set up an online environment like this for those who prefer to participate in German. Also, keep in mind, there is no language restriction in the discussion forum! During our in-person meetings we use English, but on the forum page you can use whichever language you want! Just understand you may be asked to translate yourselves if someone would like.