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Greetings, fellow Stoics! I founded Berlin Stoics in August 2019 and have since organized almost regular weekly events for our group, including discussion forums, sharing centers, and guided mindfulness and resilience training sessions. I was searching for a Stoic meetup just like you, but after finding no active group yet in Berlin, I decided to start our own. I regularly dive deeply into independent research into philosophy, history, and more, but none have captivated me as much as the Stoic philosophy and the growing community around it. More about me personally? I'm a full-time secondary school teacher in physics and mathematics; I was born and raised in the U.S. and moved here in 2017. For far longer I've been a vegan, determined to better my health and well-being, both corporeal and mental; I've been an anarchist, passionate about the history of political and economic philosophy, political, economic, and social rights, and state development. And of course I have continued to develop myself, learn as much as I can, and journal and reflect regularly. But being a Stoic means more than just learning and practicing; it's about incorporating the values and virtues set forth into my identity, living these ideals through and throug

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