The Stoic Fellowship

An International Community of Stoa


Berlin Stoics is one of the almost 100 Stoa or local Stoic chapters from around the world which is a member of The Stoic Fellowship, an international organization which connects Stoics around the globe and helps different Stoa share information, resources, knowledge, and tools to help each other grow, and fosters collaboration among its members and participation in international or regional events.

To help facilitate local Stoa more easily, The Stoic Fellowship partitions the world into regions to foster further collaboration and communication between Stoa, especially between those within a particular region. Berlin Stoics is a member of the Central Europe Region which currently comprises the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. If you would like to join Berlin Stoics, or if you would like to join another Stoa in your locality in our region, or if you would like to found a Stoa in your community in any of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, or Liechtenstein, then either check out further information on our website or visit The Stoic Fellowship's website via the below link or the logo above.